Thursday Dance Practice

Hi Everyone!

Dance Practice Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 7:15 to 8:30 P.M.
  • All Let's Dance Rochester Students are Welcomed!
  • Dance practice is very informal.
  • Dress is casual.
  • Come for the full time or just stop in to practice lesson material for a few minutes.
This week's trivia question (#8).
Around 1830, which of the following dances became popular due to these two Austrian composers, Lanner and Strauss?
(a) Viennese Waltz (b) Minuets (c) Polka (d) Charleston
Answer next week

Answer to last week's trivia question (#7):
The dance may include hops, runs, quick steps with a lot of momentum, and rotation. It uses syncopated steps including steps on the "and's". ("quick-and-quick-and-quick, quick, slow") What is the name given to this Dance?
Answer: Quickstep

Thursday Dance Practice

Hello Groupon Students!
We are glad that you found Let's Dance Rochester! Also, we hope that we can provide support for your dance lessons. We have a Thursday night dance practice every week from 7:00 – 8:30 P.M. All students are welcomed.
  • About dress: We recommend comfortable attire. Please do not wear sneakers or shoes with rubber soles. For ladies, a shoe with a back or strap would be the preferred choice.
  • The Music: Music is by request so that everyone can practice the dances that they are working on.
  • This is a supportive time when you can chat with classmates and often get some help with steps.
  • Remember that the dance practice is about having fun, meeting other students, and of course reinforcing what we learn in lessons. There is good research supportive of practicing soon after a lesson!
For more information about lessons, check out Schedule and Frequently Asked Questions
Hope to see you Thursday, January 31st for an informal dance practice!

Dance Opportunity

Hi Everyone,

The first dance practice of the New Year will be Thursday evening, Jan. 3rd,  from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. This is a low-key, informal event that allows you an opportunity to both dance and meet other students. All Let's Dance Rochester students are welcomed!
Let's Dance Rochester
1350 University Ave.
Rochester, NY 14607

July 7th Open House/Showcase

Dear Students:

Please mark your calendars for the next Let's Dance Rochester Dance Party /Open House! July 7th: 4:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.
  • An evening of social dancing
  • Several showcase dances by your studio friends
  • Light food, wine, and refreshments
  • Bring your family and friends - it's free!