Our Dance Studio teaches both American Smooth and Rhythm, and International Standard and Latin. American Smooth and International Standard (formerly "Modern") have some similarities in dance technique, especially at the higher levels. In deciding on which dance style is appropriate for you, check out the similarities and the differences between the two dance styles below:

American Style

  • Allows open positions and solo actions while International style allows only figures danced in closed position. It has been suggested that American style omits the quickstep because open figures would severely limit maneuverability in this fast-paced dance.
  • Well adapted to show dancing and theatrical performances.
  • Popular in both social settings and in dance competitions in the U.S.A.
  • Somewhat limited to the U.S.A. If your primary interest is in social dancing in the Greater Rochester, NY Area, then American style will be the more common style that you will encounter.

International Style

  • Dancing is done in a closed position that provides more flexibility in maneuvering on the floor.
  • International style is danced world-wide and is the style used in International Competitions. If dancing becomes an Olympic Sport, then the dance style will be International.
  • International style is found in both social settings and in dance competitions.
  • When traveling into nearby Toronto, Canada or dancing elsewhere outside of the U.S.A, it is most likely that that you will find International Style to be more common.

Theater Arts/Cabaret Style Dancing

  • Lifts are widely used in fact, in competitive Theatrical, they must take one third of the dance time.
  • Theater Arts/Cabaret Dancing provides foundation work in physiologically correct movement principles and mechanics.
  • Theater Arts/Cabaret dancing can also help the dancer become aware of a wide variety of styles in dance performance

Becoming a "flexible" Dancer

If you will be doing social dancing in many different places, there are advantages to learning both American Style and International Style. Much of the dancing that you see on TV in programs such as "Dancing With The Stars" has elements of Theater Arts/Cabaret dancing. At Let's dance Rochester, you can choose your own path to becoming the dancer you want to be.
The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.
-Mata Hari