Thursday Dance Practice

Hello Groupon Students!
We are glad that you found Let's Dance Rochester! Also, we hope that we can provide support for your dance lessons. We have a Thursday night dance practice every week from 7:00 – 8:30 P.M. All students are welcomed.
  • About dress: We recommend comfortable attire. Please do not wear sneakers or shoes with rubber soles. For ladies, a shoe with a back or strap would be the preferred choice.
  • The Music: Music is by request so that everyone can practice the dances that they are working on.
  • This is a supportive time when you can chat with classmates and often get some help with steps.
  • Remember that the dance practice is about having fun, meeting other students, and of course reinforcing what we learn in lessons. There is good research supportive of practicing soon after a lesson!
For more information about lessons, check out Schedule and Frequently Asked Questions
Hope to see you Thursday, January 31st for an informal dance practice!