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Marina Lisser, studio owner.

  Meet Our Staff

   At Let's Dance Rochester we do not just teach steps, we teach a combination of steps, techniques, and style, all three are very important components of the magical thing we call dancing. We are proudly presenting the Let's Dance Rochester professional family, every one of us will make sure that you, the student, will be comfortable and confident, learn at your own speed and will not be held back, will learn what is most important to you, we will listen and we will hear. Do you want to learn dancing for fun? Going out and dance socially, meet new people, make connections? Improve your social life? Meet your fellow social dancers? Or may be you are striving for perfection, want to perform, compete, get to the National and even International levels of competitive dancing? At Let's Dance Rochester you can! Are you planning your wedding dance, something just a little above the swaying around, but basic and simple? Or do you want to reach for the stars and perform the best and most complicated and sophisticated wedding dance choreography ever? Are you in the wheelchair, and never thought that dancing is for you? That you are in fact can become good amateur, and even excellent professional? Let's do it! We are here to help, and we are trained to do just what you need. We do not waste time! We deliver.

  Our Teachers

Marina Lisser

Marina Lisser started dancing at age 13 in Perm, Russia, she became a Russian National Finalist at seventeen, and went to Perm's State University of Arts and Culure to pursue a degree in Dance Forms and Art of Choreography, to continue reading about Marina

Aneli Campos and Matthew Hall

Aneli Campos-Andrade holds a BFA in audio engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology's School of Film and Animation. During her time at RIT, she also pursued her passion for Latin dance. Following her graduation, she embarked on her formal dance training with Marina Lisser at Let’s Dance Rochester. Growing up, Aneli's life was a rich tapestry interwoven with dance and music. From a young age, she immersed herself in ballet classes, while also dedicating time to the study of music and music theory. As the years passed, her commitment to dance deepened, and she embraced social dancing through her father's band, an immersive experience that fueled her rhythmic journey. Presently, Aneli thrives as an instructor at Let’s Dance Rochester, imparting her expertise through group classes, private lessons, and crafting wedding routines.

Emily Knight and Lucas Holcomb Theatrical Solo

Emily Knight

Emily's story is a story of quick success based on a hard work. She came to Let's Dance to learn to dance, and here she is, dancing high levels of Theatrical style, flexible as few people are, and teaching others to become good dancers.

Emily KnightEmily Knight

Emily Knight

Liesel Holcomb

Here is Liesel's story in her own words:I started falling in love with dance shortly after I met my dancing husband, Lucas. What started as casual and unorganized goofy dancing turned into a desire to become a better dancer through structured lessons and training. My very first dance “performance” was actually for our wedding! We danced Rhumba combined with theatrical lifts to Ed Sheeran’s, “Photograph.” I remember how nervous and excited we were to take months of hard work and focus and be able to show it off to our friends and family at our wedding. With lots of “oo’s” and “ahhs,” clapping and cheering, we finished our song relieved yet exhilarated. I love dancing with my husband and I’m so blessed to be living his passion for dance with him. I graduated from Central Michigan University where I played Division I soccer and obtained a degree in Health Fitness and Rehabilitation. Having a background in playing and coaching soccer, my love of helping individuals develop, learn, and grow is something I am so excited to be able to continue doing with dance! I want everyone to have the opportunity to feel the way we did after our wedding dance.

Lucas and Liesel Holcomb

Lucas and Liesel

Liesel and Lucas Holcomb Waltz

1350 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 - (585) 233-9022 - letsdancerochester@gmail.com