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Dance History in Russia

Marina started to dance at age 14. It was unheard of for someone to start dancing at such an "old age." So at age 14 she made the "unfortunate choice" of wanting to learn the Waltz, and she has been learning ever since. Previous to this time, she was a successful competitive swimmer.

While in Russia, Marina successfully competed in Latin at both Amateur and Professional levels. She was a Russian National Finalist in Latin in both amateur and professional competition. Marina also made the finals in the European Cup taking 5th place. In the USA, she has won numerous Professional and Pro-Am competitions, in all styles including Theatrical.

Invited to the USA

Upon being invited to this country in 1993, Marina moved to New York City to work for the Fred Astaire Dance Studios. While in Russia, her experience was limited to teaching Professionals and competitive children at the Perm University of Arts and Culture. Consequently, she was shocked to find that in NYC she would be teaching adults! Though she was under shock, she was also under contract and didn't have much choice…but to learn. The learning process was actually very enlightening and rewarding!

Let's Dance Rochester

Having a strong desire to share the benefits and fun of dancing with others, Marina has opened her own dance studio, Let's Dance Rochester, where she is actively teaching dancing and theater arts to Rochester Area students of all ages and all abilities and experience. Marina's dance instruction reflects her extensive training and experience teaching people of all skill levels for over 25 years. Through her experience working in the USA, she has developed a strong interest in American Smooth and Rhythm dancing as this style is especially good for social dancing, show dancing and theatrical dancing. At the same time, she teaches International Standard and Latin, the dance style danced world-wide. In sum, Marina's teaching leaves many doors open for her student to continue wherever their dance interests may lead.

Formal Education in Dance

Moscow University of Arts and Culture

  • Completed Post Graduate Course
  • Completed dissertation in the Psychology of Competition
  • Wrote the school book for University in Methods of Teaching Ballroom and Latin
  • Master's Degree in Dance Forms

University of Perm School of Arts and Culture

  • Bachelor in Dance Forms

Dance Photos

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1350 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 - (585) 442-1146 - info@letsdancerochester.com