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Our Programs

Let's Dance Rochester serves all ages and dance levels from beginner to advanced competitor. We offer private dance lessons and group dance lessons in all ballroom and Latin dances. You are welcomed to our studio as a couple or an individual without a partner.

Private Lessons

Learning for an occasionThere are many reasons to learn to dance including getting ready for a special occasion. Feeling confident and looking natural on the dance floor is a worthwhile goal! Having a great time dancing really adds a bit of sparkle to a night out on the town! When you need to learn quickly for an occasion, taking private lessons may be your best bet. Our approach to dancing will help you attain your goal. In addition, new enrolling students will receive a 30 minute free lesson.
Phil and Lucy Sheils

Private Lesson Benefits

Often a new student will choose to start out with group lessons; however, you may have specific goals that are difficult to address in a group class. For example, you may wish to concentrate on one dance or just a certain step. Maybe you want to learn more steps in a dance and/or develop your dance technique. Most people make faster progress toward their dance goal(s) by taking private lessons. The main benefits of taking private lessons are that you can learn at your own pace; make your own schedule; learn only the dances of your choice; and, have more personal attention from the instructor. That's why many students decide to take private lessons. Private lessons can even be more cost effective than group lessons because you will get much more attention and reinforcement during your lessons. You will benefit from having the full attention of your instructor in a one-to-one learning experience.
Lucas Holcomb and Liesel Holcomb

Your First Lesson

If you are not exactly sure what you need to learn and don't feel confident about your ability to feel successful in your first private lesson - don't worry! We will demonstrate and teach you some basic steps; evaluate your current level; and, recommend dances that would be bring you closer to your goals.

When can you take private lessons?

At Let's Dance Rochester, private lessons are taught everyday (7 days a week). We teach private lessons between 9:00AM & 8:00PM. Private lesson hours are flexible depending on student and teacher availability.
We have a variety of price packagesMany beginners start with a five hour private package. This way they have enough instruction time to learn some basic steps to some of their favorite dances; see for themselves how fast they progress; and, experience the dances that they enjoy the most.

Group Lessons

Many students start out by taking group lessons. If your interest is mainly in social dancing….going out to meet people and have fun…there is nothing wrong with this approach! You do not need a partner for group lessons. We have a variety of group classes that teach popular dances. Please check out the schedule page for more information on group lessons.

Wedding Dance Lessons

What dance routine should you learn for your wedding? What if you want to learn a First Dance routine to Your Favorite Song?


We have a 24-hour cancellation notice policy in effect; it will be strictly enforced, except for emergencies.
1350 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 - (585) 442-1146 - info@letsdancerochester.com