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Don Bernola and Maxine Ge

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you reach your own dancing goals. The majority of students may find social dancing to be their major interest. Some will wish to compete and/or perform at dance showcases. While both social dancing and competitive dancing have many things in common, the approach to each is different. Students may also switch goals back and forth depending upon their own circumstances and changing interests.

Dance Goals

You may come to dancing with a set of goals, spoken or unspoken. This is an important point. It is always a good idea to communicate your dance goals to your teacher. There are many reasons we would want to dance. The important point is to just find one good reason and do it! And while it's nver too late, it's always better to start earlier. There are also always ways to exlore your ways. You might want to dance to loose weight and exercise, so you might want to experience our exercise class. Or if you want to step up your performance try our Techniques class. And at Let's Dance Rochester you never need a partner, unless you already have one and want to dance together!
Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.
Martha Graham

Becoming a confident social dancer

If your goal is to be a confident social dancer, you may be interested in the following: how to ask someone to dance; how to develop the ability to lead/follow; how to improve your dance frame and posture, how to navigate a crowded or small dance floor; and, learning dance social skills. While all of the above may be taken for granted, developing these skills will improve your experience at dances. These skills last a lifetime.

Reaching the top levels

If your goal is to compete and reach the top levels, you will look at dancing with a different lens. You may find it necessary to trade off social dancing in order to focus on becoming a better competitor. When competing at the highest levels, the dancer needs constant and intense training. The serious competitive dancer may take lessons most days of the week and practice nearly everyday.
Phil Sheils and Lucy Sheils

Going dancing to meet people and have fun

Suppose that you just want go out dancing to have fun and meet people. This is a legitimate goal! There is nothing wrong with this approach. No matter what type of dancer you want to be, social or competitor, we can help you become the dancer you are capable of being.

Learning to navigate the dance floor

You may have observed some excellent ballroom dancers who would benefit from developing good floorcraft, especially in a social dance environment. You may also have seen very good dancers who are respectful of other dancers and yet seem to be able to move with ease over the entire floor. Whether you are a social dancer, competitive dancer, or both, a worthwhile goal would be to develop an awareness of the importance of good floorcraft in navigating the dance floor.

Exercise benefits offered by dancing

There are many dancers who extoll the exercise benefits offered by dancing. In addition to aerobic benefits, dancing will also improve our balance, flexibility, and our general posture. Dancing may also slow down and actually diminish some of the degenerative affects of aging.

Dancing - A lifetime recreational activity

In sum, regardless of what your dance goals are or, why you go out dancing, Let’s Dance Rochester will focus on helping you develop your dance skills to a level where you will feel comfortable and confident on anyone’s dance floor. While some recreational activities are geared for only the very young, dancing can offer you a lifetime recreational activity where you stay connected to the vibrant community of dancers.
1350 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 - (585) 442-1146 - info@letsdancerochester.com