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We will be answering your questions here on the blog page , and on the Let's Dance Rochester Facebook page, please use this link to ask us anything related to the dance lessons or the studio. Our topic today is Wedding First Dance!

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Wedding First Dance Seminar 03/24

Wedding Dance

Please condsider joining us for the first Let's Dance Rochester Wedding First Dance seminar on March 24th, Saturday, at 2:00 p.m. We will share useful information on few different topics: how to choose your song for the first dance, or mother and son dance, or father and daughter dance; what do you need to take in consideration when choosing your first dance options, like the size and orientation of your dance floor, dress limitations or options, dance styles, dance levels, latest trends, and more. Private dance lessons packages will be on SALE to those who attend, and one 5 private lessons plus custom choreography package will find the lucky winner. Raffle tickets will be available to all participants, so bring your parents too if you are planning to add mother and son or and father and daughter dance. The more the merrier, and we will even try to move around a little! Thinking of flash mob dance? Absolutely, let's do it, we would love to choreograph it for you! Please register as soon as you can! Call 1(585)442-1146 text +1(585)233-9022 or Email us to register.Staff at Let's Dance Rochester is looking forward to meet you!

Kids Dance Classes at Let's Dance Rochester

We are happy to announce that we just recently , in November of 2017, started dance classes for kids in Rochester, NY . Before Let's Dance Rochester was completely concentrated on teaching dance classes for adults, however we always wanted to start this program, and finally here we are! We teach kids 3 to 12 years old, pre ballet, creative movement, dance sport, musical theater, stretching and flexibility, and modern dance styles. Our classes are small and goal oriented,may be a bit more intence than most of the classes in early dance education in the area, please check our pictures, and see some results! Most of our kids made the solid 180 degrees split in under two months of dance classes! Wow! Kids are performing at our dance studio showcases regularly, please come and see them performing, next showcase is Saturday, April 7th 2018. It's not too late to join, we are accepting new kids till the end of March into the current classes, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:15. We will be adding more dance classes for kids after the Showcase, there also will be a summer bootcamp class. Schedule will be constantly updating, please check back often if you think your kids are ready to start dancing! Parents are welcome to stay and observe till September of 2018, after that we will ask parents to leave for the duration of the dance class, hope everyone can understand that sometimes parents presence can be very distracting. Please check our article on our Google Page on early dance education.

Kids Dance Class at Let's Dance RochesterValeria Ortiz

Please use the Contact us button, call us at+1(585)442-1146, or text us at+1(585)233-9022 to register or with any questions.

Group Classes vs Private Lessons

We hear this question so often, perhaps it's time to discuss it here. There are really only two, may be three things you need to seriously consider. Number one: your goals. If you are looking for something unique, if you want to learn in the fastest and most effective way , if you are preparing for performance or competition, private dance lessons is your answer. Number two: Time constictions Private lessons are completely flexible, you can schedule them at your own convenience, you can space them any way you want. Looking to take two lessons per month? You got it. Want to take lessons every day? No problem, every day is perfect, the more the faster you learn. Want to learn dances of your choice? You can learn all of them or only one. It's totally up to you. Your teacher can suggest, but ultimately it's your choice. Group classes are coming with the rigid schedule. For instance, our studio has beginners ballroom and Latin class at 6 p.m. on Mondays, kids pre ballet class on Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:15, Techniques class for intermediate to advance levels Saturdays at 12:30, and Adults Exercise /Beginner Ballet class at 11:00 on Sundays. You have to be available at those times every week to take them. And you do not have a choice of the material. At the beginners classes we teach one ballroom and one Latin dance per course, last class learned Foxtrot and Salsa, current one is learning Waltz and Bachata, but if you are looking for Cha Cha Cha instead, the chances are it will be close to impossible, unless someone in town has the class dedicated just to Cha Cha at the right time. Number three: cost. Cost is a very serious consideration. Our group dance lessons are $60 per person for six weeks, or $20 per person for a single class. All of our group dance classes are opened to the public, anyone can attend them, even while taking lessons at the other studios. Private lessons, however, are significantly more expensive.Entry level beginner private lessons package is $400 for five 45 minutes private lessons, after discounts. It also includes few monitored practice sessions. We are offering numerous discounts, like wedding dance, new students, and package discounts, and that can lower a cost quite a bit, all the way to $75 per lesson. Does it worth it? Absolutely. Private lessons come with the flexible times, custom choreography, personalized teaching method, and guarateed result. And we mean it, we stand behide our promise, you will learn and you will be able to execute those steps, techniques, and routines on the dance floor, or we will give you your money back. It is , no doubt, the most effective way to learn. Just to compare, let's take an average beginners dance couple in the group class and private lessons settings: two dances with three steps in each dance would be an average result in the group class, with the minimal reenforcement, everyone has to learn in the group, no matter fast or slow, gifted or average, in six weeks course. Four dances, style, and techniques reenforced would be a norm with one private lesson per week for the same average students. Since dancing is definitely a combination of steps, techniques, poise, and style, private lessons are delivering sure results. So if learning is the absolute priority, then yes, private lessons is the clear winner. But if you want to improve your social life, meet new people, what should you do then? Either will work, because both groups and private lessons come with the opportunity to practice and socialize at the practice parties( we have them biweekly on Monday nights), open houses, and showcases. But if social is your main priority, consider group classes! And there is nothing wrong with the combination of both! We hope this little article was helpful!

Lucas Holcomb and Emily Knight

What to expect at your first dance lesson?

You made a first step, and scheduled your first dance lesson. We are the dance school in Rochester NY, but if your first ever dance lesson is else where, no problem, you should still expect the same. Are you nervous? Are you beyond scared? This is perfectly normal, it's almost that it's not the same without some prior anxiety. Just walk through that door and enjoy the experience! Will you be able to actually dance by the end of your first class? Yes! Just listen to teacher...You will learn that dancing is not that different from walking, if you can walk you can dance! The hardest thing ever is to transfer your weight. We walk left, right, left, right, left, right, yes? And that is exactly how we dance, shift your weight, let your approaching foot take it, and you will never step with the wrong foot ever again. Frame is everything, partnership is built on frame, and we are just about to tell you rule number one in lead and follow business: elbow on the men's right side should always, ALWAYS, always be higher than the wrist. You should expect to learn that we only call it step if your weight is completely transferred. You should expect to be able to step forward, and backward, and to the side. You should expect to learn box step, the most versatile step ever! And you should totally expect to have fun! And have the command of the music, line of dance, and your feet! Best dances to learn at your first class: Rumba, Waltz, Foxtrot. We are all different, and we learn at the different pace. Can you learn Salsa at your first ever dance lesson? It's not impossible, just remember that Salsa is the fast dance. Trust your teacher experience, if they think that Rumba is the better choice for the first lesson go along with it. And one delicate subject we hate to even touch, but we feel that it's might be necessary for the sake of our teachers. They are teachers, they are trained professionals, tips are not appropriate. Enjoy your first dance lesson and we hope to see you again soon! Follow our blog for more tips, including techniques for beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers!

What to wear to your first dance lesson

Please wear something comfortable, almost, but not quite, what you would be wearing to the gym, just a bit more dressy. Please don't wear sneakers, they tend to stick to the floor, especially the bulky ones. And if it's wet outside, whether it's rain or snow, please bring dry pair of shoes with you, dancing in the wet shoes on the parquet floor is next to impossible! And damaging to the dance floor too... Dress shoes with the leather sole,on the softer side, with the little heels are the best. Skirts are good, as long as they are not too tight, or so flowy, that can make you uncomfortable during the turn. Generally, be mindful about the moving parts. Sometimes you might be completely comfortable in your favorite cropped tee shirt, but what if you would bring both arms up? Check it out in front of the mirror, would it go up to the uncomfortable level? And strapless , how would that work with both arms up, or while going through simple dip or lift? Dress pants are very appropriate, and shorts are good too when it's warmer. Tights and tunics are as perfect as it can get! It will be warm once you start moving, make sure you are prepared, and not wearing something excessively warm. Comfortable, not restrictive, and nice, that would be the best rule. Bring your water if you wish, and your music if you are planning to dance to the particular song. We hope this is helpful! And here we have few relevant links we highly recommend if you are serious about your dance lessons: World Dance Sport Federation. Please also visit Ballroom Dance Tube, enjoy!

Beautiful love story of Rick and Christine Cravatta

Our Students Rick and Christine Cravatta will perform at the Ability Partners Foundation 15th Annual Winter Gala & Auction on February 2nd, 2018. Rick and Christine life changed on April 21st, 2013 when Rick suffered a severe stroke. All of their dreams and plans were changed for ever. After the emergency surgery Rick didn't show signs of life for six days. For six days Christine didn't leave his side. Christine says: They say love conquers all. Well I love my husband more than life itself and want him with me still even though all our dreams and plans and hopes have changed. ...He proved the doctors wrong in more ways than one. He has proven although your body rebells against you, where there is life there is hope. There is a life after stroke. Christine and Rick Cravatta came to Let's Dance Rochester dance studio almost two years ago, in June of 2016, to prepare for their granddaughter wedding. At that point Rick din't speak, and didn't have the command of his right side at all. It was really very hard initially to find the right dance moves for them. With all the popularity wheelchair dancing gaining in the last decade, Marina Lisser didn't see or heard of anyone dancing with having only one usable side. However, if there is a will, there is a way. Their dance at the granddaughter wedding became their signature. Rick and Christine are now our most popular and saught after wheelchair dancers and performers. Rick can now lift his right foot, and often enough we wish he wouldn't be so talkative. Naughty Mr. Cravatta is often warned that duct tape is always ready , but he still says "Hey, you!".

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Wheelchair dancers are welcomed and saught for the performing dance group! Dancers with disabilities, please come and try intro lesson!

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