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  Epic Lindy Hop Battle at the Studio Showcase, 11/18/2023

Cleveland and Selda, Joanne and Les, Ken and Sue, Becca and Sam, Christine and Rick.

  International Style Samba Routine

Lucas and Rachel

  Modern Dance Solo Routine

Yvette Law

  Beautiful Waltz Routine

Lucas and Kerr, Studio Showcase.

   Free Dance Steps for Beginners

   Short Hip-Hop Routine for beginners

Coming up next for Hip-Hop: detailed tutorial for the above routine, video taken from the back for easier following. Join us Saturday, October 13th at 10:15 am at Let's Dance Rochester, 1350 University Ave, to add more to this simple routine.

   Box Step, Most Versatile Dance Step Ever

  Use this Box Step as the base for your Waltz, Rumba, Foxrtot, and more. We will attempt to turn this Box Step next week.

Caleb and Katelyn are learning Waltz and demonstrating how to turn Box step to the left.

  Wheelchair Dancing

Follow Rick and Christine Cravatta journey, and come dance with them at Wegmans, 745 Calkins Road, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. next Thursday.

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Dance Studio and Your Social Life

You may want to enhance your social life by taking ballroom dance lessons to learn the latest dances like the Salsa or Bachata. You can enjoy private ballroom dance lessons as a couple, a single, or by taking group classes. You may look forward to performing at showcases or simply going out to dance around town. Encouragement and peer support will help you feel confident on any dance floor!

We Teach Every Dance Style

Choose any dance style. Your dance goal may be to simply become a good social dancer. Yet, with the increasing popularity of ballroom dancing, you may want to take lessons in a Latin dance such as the Salsa or night club dancing for small spaces, or learn some of the dance steps that you have seen on Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. If you want to perform in community stage productions, you can include dance lessons in Theater Arts and Cabaret dancing.

Learn the Most Popular Dances

Learn the latest dances. Our dance studio instruction is up to date in the most popular ballroom dances, social and Latin dances. We offer Salsa lessons, Swing lessons, Waltz lessons, Tango lessons, Cha- Cha-Cha lessons, Rumba lessons, Viennese Waltz lessons, Foxtrot lessons, Quickstep lessons, Bolero lessons, West Coast Swing lessons, Hustle lessons....and more!

Learn to Dance at Your Own Pace

We will help you learn at your own pace and help you to create your own personal dance program. Dancing is a learned activity and everyone has the right to start where they are, whether they are beginners or advanced dancers. Our dance instruction incorporates dance movement with dance figures. You will look like the dancer of your dreams while learning what you want to learn at your own pace.
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